Gal Pals - New Moon Club January 2022

Gal Pals - New Moon Club January 2022

Milk & Moon swimmers print

A deeper dive (ewwww puns) into the Gal Pals New Moon Club Box. 

I planned this box to arrive in time for Galentines.  Instead of designing a second surprise gift for January i wanted to make a set of two pins, one for you and one for a buddy. A LOT like the ‘best friends’ split necklaces we were buying in Claires when we were a LOT younger. 

I also popped in a pair of stickers and not one but 2 mini prints, so the whole box was doubled ready to share.  


Though female friendship has always been very important to me, (women supporting women is practically the Milk & Moon brand in one slogan!)  The absolute necessity of it really hit home during the pandemic.  All the ways in which my girlfriends have one held another together as we’ve navigated the curveballs of the last few years and their different impacts on all our families have been so life-giving.  I could get quite emotional.  Friendships for me ( and all of us I guess!)  had to become very intentional and the ways in which we communicated and spent time together had to change. 

A few years ago I think if I had responded to a theme of female friendship it might have featured some kind of dance floor. Or perhaps some kind of Sex In The City brunch vibe.  Right now for the women who I am honoured to have in my life it looks a lot more like a facebook messenger chat that has been running for a decade.  It looks like walking around a park everyday in the rain with a sleeping baby under a rain cover. It looks like meeting on a bench with flasks of tea to look at the horizon for an hour before work.  It looks like dinner dropped on the doorstep of isolating friends. It’s meeting at the beach and getting in the sea as much as we can.  

I could probably go on and on.  Here’s all the lovely things that went in January’s New Moon Club subscription box 

Gal Pals pin set ( you can buy these individually here ) 

Sticker set ( you can buy these individually here ) 

Pair of Swimmer’s square prints. 

You can buy one of these boxes as a one off here ( while stocks last) 


New Moon Club Feminist enamel pins
Wait, what is the New Moon Club? 

⚡️ The New Moon Club subscrition box is a monthly empowerment package for feminists who like, shiny enamel pins, body positivity, surprises, postal pick-me-ups and something to look forward to every month ⚡️ 

Subscribers to the New Moon Club get an exclusive enamel pin, postcard-print, vinyl sticker, and a changing-each-month surprise gift. 

Each month’s box is themed, and overall you'll find powerful feminist vibes with brand new Milk & Moon designs every time. ⚡️ 

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