Take Up Space feminist subscription box

In My Own Space - New Moon Club Feb 2020


Take Up Space feminist illustration Katy Lockey

I started the theme of this month’s box planning to revisit ‘Take Up Space’.  

As a feminist slogan, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.  

I have written before here and here about my relationship with this sassy little mantra, and without getting too ‘woo’ I felt drawn to explore it as I developed the New Moon Club theme for this month. 

In My Own Space - New Moon Club feminist subscription box

But as I worked on all the elements and really really got into making some cute spacey nebulas while also thinking about the weird feelings I was having at the beginning of this year about ‘re-emerging’ into the world.  I felt a bit like I am well equipped to thrive in my own space - which was very missing for me at the beginning of 2020.  YET Coming out of the safety of the spaces I have built (out of necessity) over the past couple of years, post lockdowns, post surgeries, finding the ‘new normal’, I felt a bit like an alien landed on a new planet, more than a little bit out of place.  

Take Up Space feminist illustration print

These feelings are transient of course. (aren’t they all really?!)  I’m writing this now 6 weeks later and I am feeling much less like getting in a rocket and flying to the moon to be alone forever.  Slowly slowly eh?  

So here are all the bits that my wonderful New Moon Club subscribers got in thier “In My Own Space” box this month in all it’s space girl glory. 

In My Own Space eco steel pin
In My Own Space holographic vinyl stickers 
Take Up Space mini Art Print 
Set of 5 holographic Take Up Space affirmation cards 
Take Up space feminist subscrition box by Milk and Moon
To buy this box as a one off go here 
New Moon Club Feminist enamel pins
Wait, what is the New Moon Club? 

⚡️ The New Moon Club subscrition box is a monthly empowerment package for feminists who like, shiny enamel pins, body positivity, surprises, postal pick-me-ups and something to look forward to every month ⚡️ 

Subscribers to the New Moon Club get an exclusive enamel pin, postcard-print, vinyl sticker, and a changing-each-month surprise gift. 

Each month’s box is themed, and overall you'll find powerful feminist vibes with brand new Milk & Moon designs every time. ⚡️ 

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