Christmas Feminist Gift List

The Ultimate Feminist Gifting List


Well. It turns out nobody is going to come along and write this for me,  and another year has passed when I did not think to send anything to the people who make those awesome Christmas gift lists that get sent out in the actual paper.  So,  without apology, here are all the things that you can buy at my website that make absolutely perfect feminist christmas gifts. 


So really you can’t go wrong with an enamel pin, truly the most perfect secret santa gift of all time. These are all less than £10 and 3 for 2 , cos if I learnt anything about Christmas gift marketing I learnt it upstairs in Boots. 

So, without further ado, here is my ultimate list of your friends, workmates, besties, and gal pals and what to buy them to make them feel seen.

For the green fingered plant mom 

Sassy Houseplant Enamel Pin 

That friend who takes her horoscope very seriously 

Moon Phases enamel pin 


That one that who did latin at school

Pandora's Pot Enamel Pin 


The friend that is blossoming in her body positivity

Body Positive pin badge 


The art buff with the fringe 

venus of willendorf enamel pin
Woman of Willendorf enamel pin 


The activist who tells you all when you are being problematic 

Intersectional Feminist enamel pin

Intersectional Feminist enamel pin 


Your friend that runs the local red tent meetings

 Uterus Heart Enamel Pin 

The shoulder you all cry on

women supporting women enamel pin
Women supporting women enamel pin 


Your friend who is finding herself after the break up

self love club enamel pin
Self love club enamel pin 


Every friend group in their 30s  includes a breastfeeding mum now, it is the law. 

breastfeeding enamel pin

Breastfeeding support enamel pin 


She's a legend that deserves a legend to wear

Medusa Enamel Pin


For the no no-nonsense-says-how-it-is feminist superstar


Not an enamel Pin , but for the friend with boundries of iron


Nope Eco Wood Keyring

And for the one who is a straight up oddball- or perhaps a dentist? 

Tooth Enamel Pin 

OR if this list ain’t enough have a browse of these babies 

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Luxury Gifts for really treating her right 

You can never have too many mugs with feminist slogans

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