Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the blog

Is there anything more cringe than a “welcome to my blog” blog?  But we all have to start somewhere. So I’m swallowing the cringe and jumping in. 

So who am I exactly?

Hi, I’m Katy.  I run www.milkandmoon.uk the business I started kinda by accident in 2016.  If you arrived here before you hit the shop or my socials - I am pleased you came!  I am an elder millennial (so old, so wise) who wishes everyday that she was still in art school.  I have a bunch of kids and live by the seaside with my husband, who also wishes everyday he was still in art school.  I make my living designing and selling feminist art and apparel, and running the New Moon Club, my monthly subscription box of feminist joy. 


Finally getting my blog up

I have spent the summer putting together blogs to compliment my shop, taking the very good advice of pretty much every web marketing guru out there. I thought it would be a good exercise in SEO and would be just another job to add to the rota of things-I-am-meant-to-be-doing to get eyes on my website.  I had to engage the help of a copywriting coach to actually get me to sit down and write anything.  (Thanks Siobhan! ) and to be honest when I started it was like pulling teeth.  I found it so so hard to actually sit and write anything. And I hated hated hated doing it. 

Siobhan had me writing everyday, and sat on co-working zoom calls to make sure that I did it. She gave me prompts and was super encouraging about anything I did manage to get on the page. What a gem. 

The highs and lows of writing the blog

Something unexpected happened in the excruciating routine of starting to write everyday, whether I felt like it or not. I started to feel like it. I started to enjoy it.  I found myself writing just for writing’s sake. I found myself really wanting to do it. I began to find it...a pleasure?  Weird.  

My results-driven-inner-biz-boss-bitch has yet again been thwarted by the head-in-the-clouds-creative.  My creative spirit enjoys the process way more than the outcome, which means that the blog you have arrived at is a hodgepodge of thoughts, passionate outbursts, rambling- should-really-be-in-the-diary stuff AND maybe like 6 blogs that I optimised for web traffic. 

What can you expect me to write about here?

Ooooh all sorts! A bit of feminism. A bunch of stuff about learning to love my body (spoilers - it's a work in progress), chronic illness, healing, learning to slow down,  friendship, being a millenial in menopause, some musings on faith and the nature of the universe - maybe. 

Did someone once say that all writing is autobiographical?  I don’t know.  All I know is that currently I am enjoying this process so I am following those breadcrumbs to see where they lead. 


Katy x 

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P.S. Oh by the way, writing everyday doesn’t make me a good writer as I hate reading anything back and when I do try to rewrite or edit I lose my courage and bin the lot.  So here we go!

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