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As with all the end of year sale, please do not expect anything to ship until after January 3rd, when I will begin working through sale orders in a manageable manner :) 
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milk and moon women supporting women pin
Art Deco style abstract vulva enamel pin in pink and black , by Milk and Moon
Oxytocin enamel pins by milk and moon
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breastfeeding badge
Milk & Moon Breastfeeding pin badge
magic- hand-enamel -pin
Magic Enamel Pin
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milk and moon feminist tee shirt
big fat feminist enamel pin by milk and moon
rest is for rebels enamel pin
Body Hair Is Beautiful Enamel Pin -  Milk & Moon
big fat feminist mug by milk and moon
rest is for rebels organic cotton t shirt
milk and moon boob mug
body positive enamel pin by milk and moon
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eye roll feminist pin badge
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moon phases enamel pin badges on table
venus of willendorf pin badge
women supporting women rainbow t shirt
self love enamel pin
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breastfeeding supporter tshirt
women supporting women t shirt
Milk & Moon Rest is for Rebels Mug
milk and moon mustard daisy backpack
women rise feminist enamel mug
Sisterhood Enamel Mug -  Milk & Moon
oxytocin hormone science mug
Peace and Power Tiger Wooden pin -  Milk & Moon
all bodes are good bodies mug
Riots not diets hard enamel pin
take up space t shirt
feminist rainbow mug
self love tee
soft enamel pi n
body positive t shirt
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Medusa Milk & Moon T Shirt In Pink -  Milk & Moon
sexist jokes are boring tee shirt
Tired, Angry, Feminist T Shirt In Black -  Milk & Moon
self love feminist t shirt Milk and moon uk
feminist enamel mug
160 results