About Milk & Moon

katy lockey founder of milk and moon



katy lockey working in office Haiiiii I’m Katy Lockey and am founder, designer and everything at Milk & Moon.


In 2016 I spent my evenings scrolling Instagram on my phone through the seemingly endless bedtime breastfeeds with my youngest child.   I fell down a hashtag; and fell in love with enamel pins, I couldn’t get enough of these small, shiny, wearable illustrations.

I wanted to make a pin of my own as a fundraiser for the breastfeeding group I volunteered at. I designed a pin, set up a website and Milk & Moon was born.


Milk & Moon grew out of my work supporting women in my community. Facilitating circles of women to support one another I wanted to make gifts that women could give, that say ‘we are in this together’.   

Drawing on my background in Fine Art I combine strong graphic design with gentle symbolism to create apparel and accessories that give a sense of identity and belonging for thoughtful feminists.

Since then I have developed my range to offer jewellery, t-shirts, homewares and art prints as well as enamel pins, all bearing messages of self- worth, celebration of sisterhood and a radical undercurrent, woven together with wit and unique style.


You can hear me talk more about Milk & Moon on the Indie Roller Podcast here 

I live in the cultural seaside paradise that is Folkestone, Kent where I founded the Folkestone Women’s Forum and am a founding member of the Daughters Of Industry. 

If you want to hear me talking about how I do identify as a Christian and a Feminist, and how its both complicated and deeply simple you can listen to this podcast.