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Welcome to the Breastfeeding Support Awards

Breastfeeding Support Awards

Sponsored by Milk & Moon 

I know from my time as a breastfeeding mum that the women who support us when we are struggling are the unsung heroes of our communities.

And I know from my years of volunteering and working in my own community, that the women using their time and talents to support other women to breastfeed their babies are often working extremely hard.  It’s a common story all over the UK that breastfeeding support programmes are constantly facing cuts to funding, or the threat of their programmes ending. Most breastfeeding volunteers are working hard to also fundraise for their groups and charities.  Most breastfeeding professionals are fighting within the systems that they work in to have good breastfeeding practice embedded.   Everybody in breastfeeding support is working very hard, usually for little financial reward. 

 Yet, I know, and you know, that these women are doing life changing work. 

 So many of the messages I get are from women who are buying gifts from Milk & Moon  for their midwives, their breastfeeding counsellors, their peer supporters to thanks them for the help they have given them. These messages so often say. “she helped me so much, I don’t know what I would have done without her” “this is just a small token, she deserves so much more”. These messages make me so happy. Women Supporting Women is what Milk & Moon is all about. 

 I want to do my small bit to amplify these stories.  I want these stories to be heard! Maybe if we can get the word out there about how precious and important proper skilled breastfeeding support is people will start listening and investing in it?


So, the Breastfeeding Support awards work like this



An individual, this can be either

a Professional (i.e. Midwife, Lactation Consultant, Doula, anyone getting paid for their support)

or Volunteer (Peer Supporter, Breastfeeding Counsellor with ABM or NCT, La Leche Leader, anyone not getting paid for their support)


Or Nominate your local breastfeeding group

This can be any breastfeeding support group, a network of peer supporters or volunteers in your community who are making a big difference.



How did they help you?  What difference did it make? Why has it made such an impact?

This is the most important bit.  I will be collecting these to publish on the website. yes, ALL of them.  Even if your nominee doesn’t win (I’ll come to that bit!)  You will be able to publicly thank them and tell the world how amazing they are.



Yes! There are prizes!  I will be gifting a new OXYTOCIN necklace to the winners in each category, Professional and Individual AND one to you for nominating them. That’s right, one for them and one for you.


If you nominated a group, I will be gifting pins to all the team, yup, ALL of them! And an OXYTOCIN necklace for you. More about the oxytocin necklaces can be found here.


I will be taking nominations for 2 weeks

 So, Come Join!  I want to make a corner of the internet dedicated to these stories, to celebrating what a difference women supporting women can make! It is easy just fill out the form below !