Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you wholesale?

Yes, I do!  Email me katy@milkandmoon.uk and I will send you my snazzy line-sheets.

What do the T-shirts fit like? What size should I order? 

I use 2 brands of organic cotton blank tee shirts in my shop.  Let’s break down the fits. 

All my coloured and embroidered t-shirts are Stanley and Stella Creator tees.  

These are thicker cotton than the Continental Earth Positive tees and a medium fit. 

Customers usually find they they are true to size and if you like a looser fit - size up. They are 1cm narrower across the chest and 1cm longer top to bottom than the Continental T shirts.

Black and White printed t-shirts are all Continental Earth Positive tees. 

These tees are a boxy and generous unisex fit. The organic cotton is very soft.  They are 1cm wider across the chest and 1 cm shorter than the Stanley and Stella T shirts. If you like a closer fit, size down in these shirts. 

Customer feedback is that the measurements on the charts for both these base shirts is accurate, so I do encourage you to measure yourself or a tee shirt you already like the fit of before you order. 

The huge diversity in people’s body shapes and irregular high street sizing means that comparing to uk sizes 8-24 is not always helpful, but if you are unsure what size to get, feel free to get in touch and ask my opinion! 


Here is a link to the full sizing guide with measurements.  


Why are your  T-shirt delivery times so long though?

Because I really really want Milk & Moon to have the lightest footprint that I can manage , while still delivering inclusively sized feminist tee shirts globally.  Like you, I am trying to find ways to reduce waste, quit fast fashion and make better more sustainable choices. 

So when you order a Milk & Moon tee shirt , the order goes direct to my printing partner, who orders exactly the tee shirt needed to print from Continental Clothing.  That tee arrives with them and then is printed DTG and shipped straight to you. 

No waste, no haste. 

Typically this takes 3-5 working days , but in busy periods or if there is an interruption in the supply chain ( I am looking at you COVID ) it can take longer. 

That’s slow fashion. 

Due to continuing supply chain uncertainties and COVID safe working practices for these printed-on-demand items, there may be a longer than advertised wait for your T-shirt to be printed. If you have a deadline or want your T-shirt in a hurry I recommend emailing me before your order so I can tell you the current estimated turn- around time - Katy x


Why has only half my order arrived?

I use a print on demand system for T-shirts and mugs, which reduces waste and means I can keep all designs stocked.

This means if you order a bunch of stuff together, some will come straight to you from my printers and the rest comes from me.  It’s a race between us to see who is quicker to dispatch our half of the order.   


Can I commission you to draw/ make something for me?

Maybe?   Email me and we can talk about what you want. I’ll let you know if I’m not the right person for the job. Some fun commissions I have done in the past are exclusive illustrations for Books that Matter feminist book subscription boxes, pins for a number of breastfeeding charities and branding for other small businesses. 


Can you send me Milk & Moon stock for my charity gala/ women’s event goody bag/ Instagram giveaway/ very good cause?

You are welcome to ask!  I have a quarterly budget set aside for this kind of thing.  Do email, because I do read them all and I do donate. Please don’t be offended if you get a pro-forma reply though, as for some reason I seem to get a LOT of these and once my budget is spent, it is spent. 


Who are your suppliers? Are they Ethical ?

I use UK small business Two Fifteen www.twofifteen.co.uk to print and send my mugs and tees.  Sometimes I will have local buddy  Blackoak Printing do me a run of screen printed tees for events too.

For enamel pins I have worked with Made By Cooper in the past and also directly with a manufacturer in China.

I also use Awesome Merchandise and Printed.com for various printing things. 

I have used StickerApp and Rainbow Symphony for fancy stickers and decals 

Currently I am working with  https://www.badgesplus.co.uk/ who are entirely based in the UK, and their workers enamel the pins by hand. This means that my prices are slightly higher than enamel pins made by labour abroad.  

I am committed to finding the most sustainable ways to go about my business, which includes looking at labour practices and airmiles when I make new products. 


Tell me more about these T shirts and their supply chain?

Go ahead and have a look at Continental Clothing.  https://www.continentalclothing.com/

I use the Earth Positive range.  I love their ethos and I love the quality of their garms.  I do wish more of their products came in bigger sizes though.  


Anything else you want to know?  Send me an email, I'm happy to help you out.