New Moon Club Subscription box



Welcome to the NEW MOON CLUB  

A feminist subscription box from my heart to your door!

NEW!  because the designs in the box are BRAND NEW every time

MOON!  because it's from me, Katy at Milk & Moon 

CLUB!  because you'll only get it if you are a member 

Subscribers will receive a monthly pin, mini postcard-print, sticker, and other changing-each-month surprise gift.  Each box is themed, and overall you'll find a body positive, feminist vibe. 

 By checking out you are signing up for recurring payments on this day every month so make a note!

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AND if that wasn't enough, when you subscribe you will be welcomed into the New Moon Club Facebook group, where you can help choose items and designs for future boxes, access exclusive discounts and offers across the whole of the Milk & Moon shop. 

Join the New Moon Club for £18 a month. You aren’t tied into a contract and can cancel anytime. Free shipping if you are within the UK. Shipping added on top for overseas members. 

Boxes ship 3rd Saturday of the month (after the 20th!) .  Sign up before the 20th for this month's's box.  

For a one-off past box go here 



"I started the New Moon Club because honestly, getting a feminist-themed enamel pin, and a box of goodies arriving through my post box every month would make me so happy – so I guessed it would make other people happy too!


I love how enamel pins are like little artworks.  Not quite jewellery, but more than just a badge, they can be like little talismans. I love how a pin can convey identity or add  a little subversive twist. 


It really is such a delight from beginning to end, from pin designs, to developing the themes for each box, researching and making the surprise gifts, to packing up all the boxes and sending them out- I’ve been making and selling feminist goodies online since 2016 and I really think the New Moon Club is something to be proud of! "


Love Katy xx

any questions do get in touch 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Laura McGlinn
A box of Joy

Ive now been subscribed for a couple of months and get excited when I'm about to receive my little empowerment parcel.Love it!.I've always been about women and inspiration for that extra voice and this delivers all of that in bucketfuls. I cannot recommend enough.

Over the moon!

I am so happy with this box! Even unpacking was fun because everything was nicely wrapped. The items were all super thoughtful put together and I am excited to see what the next one will bring!

Lucy Ashton
Marvellous moony magic

As always, I was delighted with my New Moon Club box - filled with thoughtful beautiful things. They are my treat to myself to break up the monotony of lockdown and lift my spirits. And I love adding a new pin to my jacket each month.

A box of joy!

I love the subscription boxes, not only do you get amazing products every month, you also get to be in the New Moon Club! This month’s box was just what I needed, thank you!

Emily Ogilvy
The perfect box of love.

Such a lovely idea! I adore getting surprises every month that are wholesome and full of good vibes. Everything is wonderfully wrapped & packaged with care. It’s just the perfect little reminder to love yourself every month. 🖤