New Moon Club Gift Subscriptions


The NEW MOON CLUB  makes a perfect gift for someone you love, 

The box is for anyone who likes feminism, shiny enamel pins, bodies, surprises, a bit of positivity, postal pick me ups and something to look forward to.  

Subscribers will receive a monthly pin, mini postcard-print, sticker, and other changing-each-month surprise gift.  Each box is themed, and overall you'll find a positive, feminist vibe across items that to purchase separately, would come to over £20.00

You can buy 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months at a time.   

⚡️Remember to put the address you want the box to go to in when you check out! ⚡️

❤️ If you would like me to send a gift card to YOUR ADDRESS for you to give the recipient in person please put this in the notes section of the checkout! ❤️

✨ When you buy 6 or 12 months upfront the cost of each box is only £12.50 ✨

to sign up for the rolling monthly subscription for £15 please go here 

to buy a one-off past box go here 

any questions do get in touch 

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