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More than just Enamel Pins

Milk & Moon pins are talismans for thoughtful feminists. Strong design and gentle symbolism combine to make pieces that convey identity and belonging.  Some of them are just straight up boobs tho 

moon phases enamel pin badges on table
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league against mansplaining enamel pin on card
body positive enamel pin by milk and moon
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New Moon Club

⚡️ Monthly empowerment packages for feminists who like, shiny enamel pins, body positivity, surprises, postal pick-me-ups and something to look forward to every month ⚡️ 

Subscribers to the New Moon Club get an exclusive enamel pin, postcard-print, vinyl sticker, and a changing-each-month surprise gift. 

Each month’s box is themed, and overall you'll find powerful feminist vibes with brand new Milk & Moon designs every time. ⚡️ 

contents of new moon club subscription box
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Slow Fashion, Clothes to Keep.

Like you, I am trying to find ways to reduce waste, quit fast fashion and make better,  more sustainable choices. I want Milk & Moon to have the lightest footprint that I can manage , while still delivering a wide range of sizes of feminist t-shirts. 

When you order a Milk & Moon t-shirt , the order goes direct to my printing partner, is printed  and then shipped straight to you. 

For more info about my supply chain peep my FAQs 

No waste, no haste.   That’s slow fashion. 

Rainbow women supporting women unisex fit feminist tee shirt by milk and moon uk
feminist boobs tshirt Milk & Moon
self love feminist t shirt Milk and moon uk
Take Up Space feminist tee plus size model

Milk & Moon Mugs and Prints

Reflect positivity in your space with Milk & Moon feminist and body positive Art Prints and mugs.  Perfect for gifting to your best babes. 

all bodes are good bodies mug
feminist enamel mug
oxytocin hormone science mug

Jewellery Made to Last

Beautiful, tactile, feminist jewellery for you and the women you love. 

Luxe pieces that won't tarnish,  so even sensitive skin can wear over and over.  

self love earrings gold hoops
Milk and Moon Gold feminist necklace
silver feminist pendant
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